Croeso / Curriculum Summary

Croeso i Ysgol Gynradd Tre’r Llai

We are your local rural school, within easy reach of Welshpool.

Our school is very friendly, happy and caring; our numbers allow us to know and value each and every child really well.

We are committed to helping all of our children reach their potential – personally, socially and academically.  We value hard work, independence, creative thinking, good behaviour and happiness.

We put our pupils first, working closely with our parents; we believe that working together, we are certainly stronger.

  • Vision

Our children will know that everyone matters.  They will do their best, be thoughtful, respectful, confident and happy.

  • Mission

Our Community school will be caring, supportive, fair and equal.  It will be fun, imaginative, creative and adaptable.


Our curriculum is underpinned by the 4 purposes, developing learners who are Ambitious & Capable, Enterprising & Creative, Healthy &Confident, and Ethical & Informed.

We will provide rich, authentic learning experiences in key Areas of Learning; Health & Wellbeing, Language, Literacy & Communication, Maths & Numeracy, Science & Technology, Humanities, and Expressive Arts.

Planning will be collaboratively mind mapped, learner relevant, ongoing, flexible, adaptable, spontaneous, and always geared towards the outcomes we want, ensuring coverage without over prescription; allowing learning to be individualised and innovative, guided by the CfW ‘What Matters Statements’, and supported by targeted ALN provision.

Our cross curricular approach will develop applied skills in literacy (listening, reading, speaking & writing), numeracy (real life application) and digital competence (using technologies for communication and investigation). Cymraeg will be evident throughout the school, and we will adhere to the values of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Assessment is embedded into ongoing day-to-day practice in a way that engages the learner and makes it indistinguishable from learning, allowing greater flexibility in meeting individual progression needs and informing future learning planning and pathways.

Our curriculum approach will be reviewed annually in consultation with our stakeholders.

  • A message from our School Council – Our school is, and always aims to be……….

Amazing! Ambitious! Happy! Supportive! Healthy! Enthusiastic! Smiling! Kind! Hard Working! Fun! Respectful! Eco Friendly! Active! Friendly! Fair! Inspiring! Safe! Equal! Funny! Encouraging! Enterprising! Creative! Open! Caring! Grateful! Well Behaved!

Inspirational! Sporty! Confident! Everyone Matters! A Community! Musical! Cool! Capable! Ethical! Informed! A Close Family!

Ready, Respectful & Safe!

“I am me. You are you. We matter.  Be kind, with a thoughtful mind.”

*For further information please get in touch, download our Prospectus, and request to join our Facebook page, which will give you the best insight.