GB 2017

The Governors of the school are all local people who strongly believe in the need for a school to be right at the centre of village life – which is exactly where we believe our school to be.

Governing Bodies now have a significant, serious role to play in all aspects of school life, especially in ensuring that the education offered by their school is appropriate and of real quality. The Governors meet at least once a term to discuss its minutes of the Governing Body meetings are available for anyone to read, on request, from the school. Each year, towards the end of the Summer Term, Governors prepare an Annual Report. Governors serve for a four year period.

Parent Governors are elected by and from parents who have children in school at the time of the elections. Their role is to represent the views of the parents and promote the involvement of parents within the school. They bring a different view to the governing body and are the link between the parents and the Governors. The Governors are accountable to parents mainly through the annual report and parents meetings, whereby parents are encouraged to attend and discuss specific issues.

Obviously, the contact which most parents will have with the school will be through the teaching staff, but should you wish to bring anything to the notice of the Governors, please do so by telephoning the Chair.