Cae Post 10/2/17

Visit to Cae Post – By Ryan Davies

Coed Coch and the Eco Committee went on a trip to Cae Post the recycling centre, in Trewern.

The bus picked us up at 10:30am from Leighton CP School and it took us 15 minutes to get there.

When we got off the bus we went to sit down in the visitor starting/meeting room. A lady called Les came to talk to us about recycling and then she put us into 2 groups of 10 and 9.

I was in the first groups with 9 other people, here are some names of the people in my group; Noah, Lyla, Max and Finnley.  Les gave us each a ‘hi-viz’ jacket and a hard hat and told us we needed them to keep safe on site.  We then we went out to the bales of recycling.

We saw big bales of plastic items like milk cartons and other plastic containers. Les told us these bales will go to a market so they can turn the plastic into different, new items.

Then we went to the sorting area and it was really smelly! Some people had to pinch their noses it was so smelly!  We saw the plastic go along a conveyer belt and, on the way, there was a big machine with magnets in so it picks up all the metal that might not have been spotted.

The last place we went to was a huge metal shed with all the pieces of paper piled, ready to send away.

Then we went back to school, it was an interesting visit!

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