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The Governors of the school are all local people who strongly believe in the need for a school to be right at the centre of village life – which is exactly where we believe our school to be.

Governing Bodies now have a significant, serious role to play in all aspects of school life, especially in ensuring that the education offered by their school is appropriate and of real quality. The Governors meet at least once a term to discuss its minutes of the Governing Body meetings are available for anyone to read, on request, from the school. Each year, towards the end of the Summer Term, Governors prepare an Annual Report. Governors serve for a four year period.

Parent Governors are elected by and from parents who have children in school at the time of the elections. Their role is to represent the views of the parents and promote the involvement of parents within the school. They bring a different view to the governing body and are the link between the parents and the Governors. The Governors are accountable to parents mainly through the annual report and parents meetings, whereby parents are encouraged to attend and discuss specific issues.

Obviously, the contact which most parents will have with the school will be through the teaching staff, but should you wish to bring anything to the notice of the Governors, please do so by telephoning the Chair.

Governors Report to Parents 2019

Chair of Governors Report to Parents 2019

 Local Authority: Powys

Type: Foundation Phase/Key Stage 2

Gender: Mixed

Language: English

  • Forward from Chair of Governors

Dear Parents/Carers,

On behalf of the Governing Body of Leighton CP School I am delighted to bring this report to you.  It covers another busy year in the life of Leighton CP School.

Leighton School has welcomed a number of new staff; Sumer Jones, Foundation Phase Lead, Cassie Morgan and, returning to Leighton School, Billy Clark, Teaching Assistants, and Rachel Tibbott, School Administrator.

This means that we now have five Teaching Assistants in the school to further support our children, alongside class teachers – really positive teacher/pupil ratio’s.  All our staff show enthusiasm and energy towards teaching which is clearly evident from the moment you walk in through the school gates.

Last year our children benefitted from several trips, events and school visitors, sports activities, including Sports Day, Roald Dahl Day, Macmillan fundraising, Harvest Assembly, Pantomime, Christmas Carol Concert, World Book Day, Powis Castle trip, Bronerion residential trip, Wear it Wild Day, Summer Plays (The Gruffalo, Dreamtime Stories & The Lion King), Fairbourne trip, Blue Planet trip and our Leavers Assembly; many more can be viewed on the school website.

In the last 12 months the school has been working hard to achieve the best learning outcomes for our children, with all reaching their targets at their appropriate challenge outcomes and levels.  We have also received very positive progress reports from our Local Authority Challenge Advisor visits, attaining ‘Strong Progress’ judgements in all target areas.  Financially the school remains in a very positive position, and the construction of the new Village Hall tennis courts and all weather pitch will further enhance what we have to offer.

Our targets for the forthcoming year are to;

  • Consolidate and continue to improve Literacy
  • Attain Campus Cymraeg Silver Award
  • Further improve home/school links, to underpin learning progress
  • Continue to embed new curriculum expectations
  • Attain Green Flag Eco status

Throughout the previous year you may have seen many improvements to the school, including improvements to the Foundation Phase classrooms, notably new furniture and equipment, and real regeneration of external learning areas, including story corner, stage, and art area to the front, and pagoda, sandpit, mud kitchen, and reading garden to the back. These are the first stages of plans with similar improvements for our Key Stage 2 classrooms and Library coming later this year.

The school Governors would like to acknowledge the hard work staff (past and present) have put into Leighton school. The school is made up of a team of teachers, teaching assistants, administrative and breakfast club staff and volunteers; it is their hard work, dedication and approachable, friendly personalities that make the school the success that it is.

Leighton School benefits from the efforts of parents, grandparents, carers and friends too. The Friends of Leighton School (FoLS) continue to support the school financially and socially, and we greatly appreciate their contribution.  On an individual basis, parents, grandparents and friend’s generosity with time and resources is invaluable in enhancing the school life of children at Leighton. This includes listening to the children read, helping out with trips, attending ‘Love Your School Days’, fundraising, baking for cake sales and raffle donations, to name just a few ways in which you contribute.

The school has another exciting year of activities planned with class outings, sports day, the school play, a pantomime and theatre trip, and the carol concert, of which I hope you can all attend.

I would encourage you all to take a look at the Leighton School website, along with our Facebook sites (one a closed parental group) and Twitter feeds, which are vibrant and topical, offering excellent communication opportunities, reflecting what we do very effectively.

Once again thank you to everyone who is involved in making the school a truly excellent place to be and thank you for your continued support.



James Seddon

Chair of Governors


Governors Membership Register September 2019
Position Forenames Expected Occ End Date

Parent Governor

James Seddon


Community Governor Lisa Hocking 31/05/2020
Community Governor Sally Senior 05/12/2021
LEA Governor Kirsty Jones 29/09/2020
LEA Governor Linda Corfield 30/11/2020
Minor Authority Governor Diana Stevens 30/09/2020
Staff Governor Sharon Mead 05/12/2021
Parent Governor Richard Dearing 10/10/2020
Parent Governor Charlotte Smith 28/11/2020
Teacher Governor Tara Harries 20/01/2021
Headteacher Lyn Harte
Clerk Rachel Tibbott

The Governors held 6 full meetings during the academic year, reviewing and adopting required policy documentation as required. The next election for a Parent Governor will be held in 2020.

The school will be implementing Local Authority best practice to continue to improve attendance rates, as an aspect of our 2017/18 School Development Plan.  Comparitive data can be found on the ‘My Local School’ website.

The school has good WC facilities, situated in both Foundation Phase, Key Stage 2 and Village Hall areas.




Welsh is taught as a 2nd Language.