GB 2017

The Governors of the school are all local people who strongly believe in the need for a school to be right at the centre of village life – which is exactly where we believe our school to be.

Governing Bodies now have a significant, serious role to play in all aspects of school life, especially in ensuring that the education offered by their school is appropriate and of real quality. The Governors meet at least once a term to discuss its minutes of the Governing Body meetings are available for anyone to read, on request, from the school. Each year, towards the end of the Summer Term, Governors prepare an Annual Report. Governors serve for a four year period.

Parent Governors are elected by and from parents who have children in school at the time of the elections. Their role is to represent the views of the parents and promote the involvement of parents within the school. They bring a different view to the governing body and are the link between the parents and the Governors. The Governors are accountable to parents mainly through the annual report and parents meetings, whereby parents are encouraged to attend and discuss specific issues.

Obviously, the contact which most parents will have with the school will be through the teaching staff, but should you wish to bring anything to the notice of the Governors, please do so by telephoning the Chair.

  • Leighton CP School Governing Body 2017
Name Position Occupancy End
James Seddon Chair/ Parent Governor 08/07/2018
Wayne Eaton Community Governor 31/05/2017
Karen Davies Community Governor 31/08/2017
Kirsty Jones LEA Governor 29/09/2018
Linda Corfield LEA Governor 30/11/2016
Di Stevens Minor Authority Governor 30/09/2016
Heidi Addicott Staff Governor 30/11/2017
Richard Dearing Parent Governor 10/10/2020
Charlotte Smith Parent Governor 28/11/2020
Tara Jones Teacher Governor 20/01/2021
Lyn Harte Headteacher
Chris Roach Clerk

Governors Report to Parents 2017

Local Authority: Powys

Type: Nursery, Infants, Juniors

Gender: Mixed

Language: English

  • Forward from Chair of Governors

Dear Parents/Carers,
On behalf of the Governing Body of Leighton CP School I am delighted to bring this report to you.

It covers another busy year in the life of Leighton CP School from September 2016 to the end of July 2017.

During the Spring Term we were visited by the Estyn Inspection team, and after two days of inspections, class observations, book scrutiny and sleepless nights,   Estyn gave the school a glowing report, commenting highly on the children, the school environment and staff at the school, the highlights can be found in this report.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work staff (past and present) have put into Leighton School. The school is made up of a team of teachers, teaching assistants, breakfast club staff and volunteers; it is their hard work, dedication and approachable, friendly personalities that make the school the success that it is. With this I’d like to give a special thanks to Sally Senior, (who left following an emotional goodbye during the Christmas concert) and wish her well in her new school. The school has welcomed Jess Wallington who is doing a wonderful job looking after Offa and Hafren classes.  We also welcomed back Tara Jones after her short maternity leave and congratulate her on the birth of her baby girl. Also thanks to our head teacher Lyn Harte who is doing a sterling job leading the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the children who have left in the last 12 months all the best in the future; and would like to give a warm welcome all the new children who have started at Leighton School and wish them well at our school.

Leighton School benefits from the efforts of parents, grandparents, carers and friends too. The Friends of Leighton School (FOLS) continue to support the school financially and socially, and we greatly appreciate their contribution.  On an individual basis, parents, grandparents and friend’s generosity with time and resources is invaluable in enhancing the school-life of children at Leighton. This includes listening to the children read, helping out with trips, attending ‘Love Your School Days’, fundraising, baking for cake sales and raffle donations to name just a few ways in which you contribute.

I would encourage you all to take a look at the new Leighton School website, which is vibrate, colourful, has up-to-date information, news, upcoming events and you may just see pictures of what goes on after you drop your children off.

Once again thank you to everyone who is involved in making the school a truly brilliant place to be and thank you for your continued support

James Seddon / Chair of Governors

  • Leighton CP School Governing Body 2017
Name Position Occupancy End
James Seddon Chair/ Parent Governor 08/07/2018
Wayne Eaton Community Governor 31/05/2017
Karen Davies Community Governor 31/08/2017
Kirsty Jones LEA Governor 29/09/2018
Linda Corfield LEA Governor 30/11/2016
Di Stevens Minor Authority Governor 30/09/2016
Heidi Addicott Staff Governor 30/11/2017
Richard Dearing Parent Governor 10/10/2020
Charlotte Smith Parent Governor 28/11/2020
Tara Jones Teacher Governor 20/01/2021
Lyn Harte Headteacher
Chris Roach Clerk

The Governors held 6 full meetings during the 2016/17 academic year, reviewing and adopting required policy documentation as required. The next election for a Parent Governor will be held in 2018. There were no Governor expenses claims in the period.

  • Extra-Curricular/Sports/Community Links
Clubs Lunch After school
Mon: Writing Club (Miss Jones) Homework Club (Mr Harte)
Tues: Maths Club (Mrs Leach)


KS2 Football (Mr Harte) / Variety Club (Miss Wallington)
Wed: Recorder (Miss Jones)

Guitar/drums – Mr Lawrence

Tennis Club (Mr Billington)
Thurs: School Council (Mr Harte)

Piano – Mrs Robinson

Games Club (Mr Harte)
Fri: Eco Committee / Criw Cymraeg (Miss Wallington) KS1 Football (Mr Harte)


A variety of sporting activities are provided at the school. We are a member of the Welshpool Area Sports Association and Urdd, taking part in organised events, including football, rugby, netball, hockey, athletics and swimming.

We continue to strive to raise our profile within the community. We have developed and improved our school website, and currently the Prospectus for 9/17, also contributing regularly to The Leighton News.  We look for opportunities for community involvement where appropriate, contributing energy and competition entries to the annual Leighton Show.  We invite parents into school for a variety of activities within and beyond the classroom; from sharing time with Leighton Playgroup, leading after school clubs, reading support, to the Harvest Festival, Christmas Carol Concert, Summer Open Afternoon, Sports Day and our end of year production.  We welcome outside speakers and visitors to our school – for example the local Community Police Schools Team, Area Leaders, local musicians, church representatives and Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust.

The Friends of Leighton School meet regularly to contribute ideas and funding to further school development; pupils are active in raising charity donations, including fundraising towards the refugee crisis, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, Air Ambulance and Royal British Legion.

  • 2016/17 Term dates
2016 / 2017 First day of term Last day of term
Autumn Term Monday 5 September 2016 Friday 21 October 2016
Monday 31 October 2016 Friday 16 December 2016
Spring Term Wednesday 4 January 2017 Thursday 16 February 2017
Monday 27 February 2017 Thursday 6 April 2017
Summer Term Monday 24 April 2017 Friday 26 May 2017
Monday 5 June 2017 Friday 21 July 2017
  • Teaching and Learning

Our school is made up of four classes, Offa & Hafren (Foundation Phase) and Coed Coch & Elystan (Key Stage 2).  As a small, rural school of 66 pupils, our classes mix and play very happily together.

Foundation Phase: Offa & Hafren

Children begin their school life at Leighton in Offa Class, progressing to Hafren Class to complete their Foundation Phase studies.  Both classes are led by Miss Jess Wallington, supported by Mrs Heidi Addicott and Mrs Sharon Mead throughout the day.

We take a lot of time and pride in ensuring that your child is settled and happy during their time in the Foundation Phase, with an open door policy for parents to feel a real part of school life.

Underpinned by the development of key literacy and numeracy skills, children will learn about the world around them based on Foundation Phase outcomes.

Most learning in the Foundation Phase is through structured play, as the foundation for lifelong learning.

Key Stage 2: Coed Coch & Elystan

Children begin their Key Stage 2 studies in Coed Coch Class, progressing on to Elystan Class as the prelude to their move on to High School studies.

  • Coed Coch (lower Key Stage 2) comprises 16 children, led by class teacher Mrs Cheryl Leach, and school Headteacher, Mr Lyn Harte.
  • Elystan (upper Key Stage 2) comprises 15 children, led by class teacher Miss Tara Jones, and school Headteacher, Mr Lyn Harte.

Our Key Stage 2 classes are supported by Mrs Sarah Richards, Miss Sian Williams and Miss Kirsty Jones.

Throughout Key Stage 2 children are introduced to a more formal way of learning, with a range of topics used to consolidate and continue to develop more advanced literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Leighton CP School Teaching Staff
Staff Qualifications Line Management Structure /

Responsibilities include:

Lyn Harte


BA Education & History 1st Class Honours

PGCE (Primary/History)



FPh & KS2 teacher,


School Council,

ICT, History, Geography, RE, Art, DT, Music, PE

H&S, CP, CPD, Equal Opps, Press

Tara Jones


BA Hons Primary Education & QTS 2.2

(Welsh, Science and DT)

Deputy HT


Y4/5/6 teacher,

LNF, Assessment, Policies,



Cheryl Leach


BA Fine Art 2.2

PGCE (Primary)

BTEC Art and Design – merit

Y3/4 Teacher,

Maths, Science, PSE,


Jess Wallington f/t BA Development Studies

PGCE (Primary)

Foundation Phase,

Welsh, PSE,

Eco Committee,

Criw Cymraeg

Heidi Addicott


L3TA / OCR Level 3 Literacy & Numeracy Nursery TA
Sharon Mead


L2TA Foundation Phase TA
Sarah Richards


L2TA / NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant 1:1 TA
Sian Williams L2TA 1:1 TA
  • School Attendance and Performance

School attendance in 2015/16 was 95.6%; in January 2017 Estyn judged this to be ‘Very Good Progress’ on previous years.

Leighton CP School runs a licensed budget position.

  • Estyn Inspection feedback 2017

Dear Parent,

As you know we were recently re-visited by an Estyn inspection team in order to assess the progress of our school with regard to recommendations derived from the 2015 inspection.

These included areas regarding pupil attainment, additional learning needs provision, pupil attendance, planning for improvement, self-evaluation and the use of Welsh.

I am very pleased to share with you the outcome of the visit.

The Estyn inspection team judged that Leighton CP School had made Strong to Very Good Progress in all areas.

I would like to thank all staff, parents, Governors, and especially our children, for supporting our school on this successful journey.

Together, we can now continue to consolidate this great progress.

Diolch yn fawr i chi i gyd / Many thanks to you all.

Lyn Harte / Headteacher