Our Aims / Welsh Week 2018

Criw Cymraeg Aims


  1. Our school looks like it is in Wales
  2. We know about and love our Welsh culture and language
  3. We speak Welsh in our classrooms
  4. We speak Welsh outside our classrooms
  5. We celebrate Wales and our language in assembly
  6. We use Welsh apps and websites
  7. We do fun Welsh activities
  8. We read in Welsh
  9. We learn in Welsh
  10. We love everything about Welsh!

WELSH WEEK will start Monday 26/2! We will be engaging in Welsh themed activities, in class and around the school; we will have our St David’s Day assembly on Thursday, followed by a Welsh food stall; on Friday we will have Welsh Book Day, dressing up as Welsh characters, famous Welsh people, or just in Welsh colours; we will also be visited by a Welsh harpist on Friday afternoon!