Goodbye Heidi!

After a fantastic 22 and a half years at Leighton, Heidi is moving on to new adventures.  Her commitment and dedication to our school has always been First Class, and her bright and cheery approach has always brought the best out of our children.

They will all, past and present, want to wish her all the very best in whatever she chooses to do next.

Leighton CP School says a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Heidi for all that you’ve contributed throughout the years – and we hope that you’ll be a regular visitor in the future.


2017/18 Term Dates

Term / Holiday First Day Last Day
Autumn Term Dates Monday September 4, 2017 Friday October 27, 2017
Autumn Half Term
Autumn Term Dates Monday November 6, 2017 Wednesday December 20, 2017
Christmas Holidays
Spring Term Dates Tuesday January 9, 2018 Friday February 9, 2018
Spring Half Term
Spring Term Dates Monday February 19, 2018 Friday March 23, 2018
Easter Holidays
Summer Term Dates Tuesday April 10, 2018 Friday May 25, 2018
Summer Half Term
Summer Term Dates Monday June 4, 2018 Friday July 20, 2018
Summer Holidays

Red Nose Day Winners

Best Red Nose Poster

Best Red Nose Poster

Best Red Nose joke winners! 'What's the same shape as an elephant, but weighs nothing?.....its shadow!' 'What do you call a melted snowman?.....Water!' 'What did one egg say to the other?....You crack me up!' 'What do you call a dinosaur with one leg?.....Eileen!'

Best Red Nose joke winners!
‘What’s the same shape as an elephant, but weighs nothing?…..its shadow!’
‘What do you call a melted snowman?…..Water!’
‘What did one egg say to the other?….You crack me up!’
‘What do you call a dinosaur with one leg?…..Eileen!’

Tin Can Appeal

March 13th 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Leighton School’s Eco Council would like us to get involved in the British Iron Work Centre’s School Recycling Project. Please see overleaf for more information.

If we can collect enough tin cans then we can have a free school trip to the British Iron Work Centre. We are hoping to learn lots about recycling through the project too.

So, we are asking children to bring thoroughly washed tin cans in to school. The tin cans can be placed in the collection bucket in the entrance hall of the main school building.

Again can we ask that all tin cans are thoroughly washed as they will need to be stored in school before being collected.

School Standards / Estyn visit

Dear Parent,

As you know we were recently re-visited by an Estyn inspection team in order to assess the progress of our school with regard to recommendations derived from the 2015 inspection.  These included areas regarding pupil attainment, additional learning needs provision, pupil attendance, planning for improvement, self-evaluation and the use of Welsh.

I am very pleased to share with you the outcome of the visit.

The Estyn inspection team judged that Leighton CP School had made Strong to Very Good Progress in all areas.

I would like to thank all staff, parents, Governors, and especially our children, for supporting our school on this successful journey.

Together, we can now continue to consolidate this great progress.

Diolch yn fawr i chi i gyd / Many thanks to you all.


Good attendance underpins your child’s progress in school.  As the New Year begins we’d like to ask for your full support in ensuring that your child works towards a personal target of a minimum 96% attendance.

Each week in our whole school assembly we celebrate the best attendance rates – with rewards going to the best class; so please work with us, your child, and their classmates to make sure the rewards are enjoyed!

Any attendance of less than 90% will be followed up so that any support needed to help improvement can be offered.  We would also prefer that family holidays within school time are avoided wherever possible.

Many thanks for your support in continuing to improve our attendance rates.