Our School motto: Many hearts make a school

We aim to create a happy, welcoming environment where each child is valued. Our teaching staff are committed to assisting every child to realise their academic potential as part of their all-round development. We aim to teach the virtues of hard work, independence, creative thinking and good behaviour, and to foster an atmosphere of sharing and caring both within the school itself and as a part of the local community in Leighton.

Leighton County Primary School


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Our school is made up of three classes, Offa (ages three-and-a-half to six), Hafren (ages six to eight) and Elystan (ages eight to eleven) One of the the advantages of a small school in a rural setting is that the three classes mix and play happily together.

Children begin their school life in Offa Class and remain here for three years. There are three adults who support learning in the class daily, the class teacher, Miss Tara Jones, and the teaching assistants Mrs Sarah Richards, Miss Kirsty Jones and Mr Billy Clarke.

The most important thing in our class is that your child settles in and enjoys coming to school and we will work closely with you to achieve this. They will gradually learn to read, write and learn about the world around themselves based on the Foundation Phase outcomes. Most of their learning in Foundation Phase will be through structured play, as we lay the foundation for their learning for the rest of their school lives.33333


This is a Year 2 and 3 class with 24 children. The class teachers are Mrs Catherine Williams on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Mrs Cheryl Leach who teaches on Thursday and Friday. Sharon Meade and Clare Stafford are the Teaching Assistants.

In Hafren Class the children work within the areas of learning of the Foundation Phase and are also introduced to the more formal way of learning in Key Stage 2, building on, and consolidating their basic skills through projects such as the Nineteen Forties and Our Local Area.


Elystan proudly consists of 25 friendly Year 4, 5 and 6 children. At present we have a full time teacher, Mrs Sally ‘tea and cake’ Senior, and a Teaching Assistant, Heidi Addicott for almost 5 mornings a week to help groups of children, or individuals in literacy and numeracy. We also have a peripatetic Welsh teacher once a fortnight. During the afternoons we study our topic subjects, which this term include the Romans, doll dressmaking, invasion sports and planning for our Fairtrade coffee afternoon.

We are studying Macbeth, Alice in Wonderland, and the body organs in our core subjects. Our children are encouraged to join the Urdd, and participate in a variety of events. We also have close links with Welshpool High School, to ensure a smooth and happy transition by all our leavers.


Our teachers and staff

Brilliantly drawn by our pupils:

Mr Lyn Harte

Head teacher

Chris Roach


Mrs Sharon Mead

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cheryl Leach

Hafren class teacher

Mrs Natasha Bentley

Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs Heidi Addicott

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sally Senior

Elystan class teacher

Miss Kirsty Jones

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clare Stafford

Teaching Assistant

Clive Gee

School cleaner

Miss Tara Jones

Offa class teacher

Mrs Sarah Richards

Teaching Assistant


Here are some photos of day-to-day life in Leighton school: